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Just 3 Things : Episode 2

Just 3 Things is back!  Here’s the premise – in each video (hopefully at least bi-weekly or in this case every 3 weeks) I’ll share 3 things – it might be a homekeeeping or cleaning tip, something that I’m enjoying eating or drinking, or it might be a question/answer from one of you.  (Have a question?  Send me an email and maybe I’ll use it in the next video 🙂 )


a cleaning cloth (my favorite from Clean Mama Home) + white vinegar = mineral deposit remover


My favorite pajama pants (they’re on sale too!) – from Boden.

The Clean Mama Planner – did you grab yours yet?  I do a little tour in the video if you’re interested 🙂

Have you been following the Simply Cozy series?



Can Vacuuming + Washing Floors Be Done in One Step?

Vacuuming and washing floors can seem never ending and in reality, they pretty much are.  Crumbs, food, sticky residue, dirt, shoe and paw prints….floors definitely take a beating.  I’m always looking for better, faster, and more efficient ways to clean, so when Bissell asked me to review their new CrossWave™ All-in-One Multi-Surface Cleaner I jumped at the opportunity to try out this new and innovative floor cleaning product.

As someone that vacuums hard surface floors on one day and washes them the next, this is a game changer.  Yes, vacuuming and washing floors can be done in one step – hooray!  Here’s the Bissell CrossWave™ All-in-One Multi-Surface Cleaner in action.

These features are what makes the Bissell CrossWave™ stand apart from other 2-in-1 and traditional products:

  • Two-Tank System – Keeps cleaning solution and dirty water separate to make sure you are always cleaning with fresh water and formula.
  • Dual Action Brush Roll – Innovative microfiber and nylon brush scrubs and picks up dry debris at the same time.
  • SmartClean Fingertip Controls – Fingertip controls allow you to easily switch between hard floor and area rug cleaning.

Simply fill the reservoir up to the lines – I just use the large area and wash all the floors at once. Bissell recommends only using their floor cleaning concentrates in this machine.  They have three to choose from: area rug, wood floor, and multi-surface.  I’ve been using the multi-surface.

I love how the cleaning brush works – it’s cleans the floor but never leaves it with residual water.

I’ve been using the CrossWave™ on our hardwood floors in our powder room, kitchen and entryway as well as on the tile in the bathrooms, mudroom, and laundry room.  It does not disappoint!

I love the way it vacuums and washes in one step – perfect for tile too!

Check this out this is after one floor cleaning session – YUCK!

Once you’re done with washing the floors you need to wash out the reservoir, filter, and brush.  This takes a couple minutes and you need to let everything dry thoroughly before returning to the machine.

This could be a drawback if you’re looking for a quick floor washing – I see the CrossWave™ more as a once a week or every other week machine with touch-ups using other floor washing methods in between.

I love how the CrossWave™ quickly vacuums and washes our floors in one step.  There’s no residue and the floors are clean in a hurry!  If you have area rugs, you’ll love this floor cleaner because not only can you wash your floors you can use this to deep clean your area rugs.  If you’re looking for a new solution for your floors, I recommend that you give this a try!

Questions about the CrossWave™?  Go to this page.

Bissell provided the Crosswave for me to test out and review – rest assured, I only review products that I love and have tested in my own home.  You can read my full disclosure policy here.


Homemade Natural Hot Cocoa


I make a couple jars of this hot cocoa every winter.  This recipe for homemade hot cocoa is great for gifting or just for keeping in your cupboard for cold days. And it’s just delicious! It will store for a few months in a covered container.



  • 2 1/2 cups sugar (I use organic, natural sugar but you can use white sugar if you prefer)
  • 1 1/2 cups unsweetened cocoa – use double dutch process cocoa for a darker, richer cocoa and but regular cocoa will work just as well
  • 3 teaspoons sea salt


Combine ingredients in a bowl and stir to combine with a wire whisk. Transfer to a 4 cup canning jar or a couple smaller containers or mason jars for gifting.


To mix up as hot chocolate, simply add 2 tablespoons of the mix to one cup of hot milk (any type will work, but whole milk will give you the richest and smoothest hot chocolate). If you are a non-cow’s milk family you could experiment with soy, almond, and cashew milk as well.


This basic recipe is easy to add different flavors to make it a little different or personal – here are just a couple ideas for some add-ins.  Add to taste or about 1/4 cup per batch.



  • crushed peppermint candies / garnish with a candy cane
  • cinnamon /garnish with a cinnamon stick
  • vanilla sugar / garnish with a vanilla bean
  • mini marshmallows / garnish with a large marshmallow
  • espresso powder / garnish with a chocolate covered espresso bean


I split the cocoa into three 2 cup mason jars and mix-ins and labeled them using this method.


Perfect for a little gift or to enjoy for yourself!


This post is part of a series all about slowing down and savoring the season, SIMPLY COZY.  Go here to see all the posts.



Simply Cozy : Christmas Playlists


Not many things put me more in the Christmas spirit than Christmas music. I’m a sucker for the classics as they bring me back to sitting around the record player and radio as a child, watching some of the Christmas classics and celebrating with my family. I also love discovering new favorites to add to our repertoire and share with my family this season.

I love a good playlist probably more than the average person and wanted to share some of my personal favorites with you to help invoke some of those same feelings and memories in your home. Whether you are in the mood for something that inspires a sense of rest and coziness or have a hankering for some of the classics, you’ll find both in these playlists. Enjoy and feel free to share with your friends and family.  (If you aren’t familiar with Spotify, you can create a free account to listen to the playlists and create your own – it’s a pretty awesome service!)

Simply Cozy Christmas

Simply Nostalgic Christmas

This post is part of a series all about slowing down and savoring the season, SIMPLY COZY.  Go here to see all the posts.




12 Days of Giving : Day 1

Today is Day 1 of ‘The 12 Days of Giving’: Get a FREE GIFT EVERY DAY FOR THE NEXT 12 DAYS, Starting with a FREE docket for your week from me (blank + pre-filled are included)!

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Festive gold Christmas abstract background with bokeh lights and stars.

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12 Days of Giving

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How to Make this Holiday Season Simple + Cozy

It’s that time of year – lots of activities, events, and to-dos.  Instead of trying to do everything, be intentional this year and slow down and savor the season and enjoy it fully instead of moving through it at break-neck speed.  I hate getting to December 26th and wondering where the last two months disappeared to.  I have a handful of ways that I simplify things during the holidays and while I haven’t done all of them forever, I’ve added them little by little and feel like we have a simple and sweet December because of some planning and intention.

  1. ORDER + SEND CARDS EARLY – we used to take family pictures around Thanksgiving for our Christmas cards.  Most years I would wait until it was snowing and then try to get everyone out in the snow to get the ‘perfect’ picture.  A couple years ago I scheduled to have our pictures taken in early October and I’ve never looked back.  I place our order early, have them shipped to us asap and try to have them all set to mail out by December 1st.  I use Minted for the cards – I have our address book saved to their website and have the addresses printed too.  I used to make all the cards by hand and hand-letter, draw, assemble everything.  I loved doing this but it definitely added a degree of complexity and stress to the card sending process.
  2. KEEP DECORATIONS TO A MINIMUM – less is more when it comes to decorating.  I love decorating for Christmas but after a few weeks it starts to feel like too much.  By putting up favorites and keeping the decor simple, it’s easier to put up and simple to take down and put away.  Think of adding decoration simply and with meaning.  Tuck them in with your decor and look for ways to add decor that will last through winter and not just December 26th.
  3. ADD SOFT LAYERS – decorative throw blankets, pillows, linens, and greens all give a cozy look and feel to your home.  I love using these simple additions to make the house feel warm and cozy.  Keep the color scheme neutral and you can keep the decor up into late winter.
  4. MENU PLAN – I always menu plan but in December it really comes in handy.  I do more cook once, eat twice meals and I make ahead quite a few meals for the freezer.  I have lots of posts on menu planning – go here to see them.
  5. ADD COZY SPOTS – we have a bin of Christmas books that gets stored every year with the Christmas decorations.  I put the books in a basket by the tree to encourage the kids to sit by the tree and read books.  It works – every day I find them under or near the tree reading.
  6. BE SELECTIVE ABOUT ACTIVITIES – choose just the favorites and necessities for the holiday season.  As tempting as it is to do everything, keep it simple and pare things down to the favorites.  Love your town’s tree lighting ceremony?  Keep that and a couple other musts.  Say maybe to some and no to others.  Grab this free prioritizing to do list to make it even easier.  It’s okay to simplify!
  7. ENGAGE THE SENSES – sight, taste, smell, sound, touch – by engaging your senses you’re going to enhance the experience of the season and keep those memories alive.  I’ll be sharing some of my favorite ways to enhance the season through this series – stay tuned.
  8. SLOW DOWN – if it has you running around, it’s probably not going to simplify things.  Relax and enjoy the season for what it is, don’t try to fill it up more than is necessary.
  9. KEEP GIFTS SIMPLE – shop early, buy less, and keep gifts meaningful.  I try to have most of my shopping done by Cyber Monday – this helps me get the best prices and gives me a good goal.  I don’t add ribbon to presents and I color code wrapping paper for different places we’re going.

What’s your best tip for simplifying the holidays? If you can’t implement all these ideas this year, file this post and ideas away for next year!

This post is part of a series all about slowing down and savoring the season, SIMPLY COZY.  Go here to see all the posts.




Add Nostalgia to Your Christmas Decor

Are you decorating yet?  We did some decorating this weekend and hope to have everything done in the next day or two. Every month I share a post on BHG.com as an @Home contributor. This month I’m sharing some ways to add a little nostalgia in your Christmas decor.  Get some inspiration as you cozy-up and decorate. You can see all my @Home posts here.



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Come Clean – FREE Cleaning Calendar for December 2016

It’s almost December and that means that it’s time for December’s FREE cleaning calendar!

Every year I choose a new theme for the cleaning calendar and blog and this year it’s COME CLEAN.  2016 is the year to get your cleaning routine in order, find some new and workable solutions for organizing, hold yourself accountable, and get your home in a routine that works for you and your family.



If you’re feeling like you need some help with your cleaning and homekeeping and don’t know where to start, you’ll love my cleaning routine and calendar. I keep daily homekeeping tasks to 15-30 minutes a day and this simple plan is how I do it! This is a workable solution for even the busiest of households – give it a go, I think you’ll be surprised how a little bit every day can make a huge difference in your home.

Come Clean 2016 - Clean Mama

If you’ve been following Clean Mama for even a week, you know that every day is a chance to start over and so is every week, month, etc. I hope that you find that my cleaning routine is SIMPLE, EASY TO IMPLEMENT, and full of GRACE.

Read on, grab the FREE calendar for DECEMBER 2016 and get ready to see how doing a little bit everyday really is the secret to a clean house.

Here’s an infographic that explains my cleaning routine:

Weekly and daily tasks are detailed at the top, rotating cleaning tasks are on the bottom of the calendar with a little checklist.  How you use the calendar is up to you – put it on a clipboard, in your planner, on your refrigerator.  Use checkmarks, draw lines through tasks or simply keep it up as a reminder.

Come Clean Infographic - Clean Mama

Want to join in on the fun? Grab a FREE cleaning and organizing calendar for November and join me!  Follow along (subscribe in the sidebar) for motivational posts and tips to keep up with the daily and weekly tasks. I also post daily reminders on Instagram and Facebook and have a private Facebook group too called Homekeeping Society (just ask to join and I’ll add you) – it’s great for support and to meet others that are following along with my cleaning routine.


Go here to grab your FREE calendar for December 2016!

(Please note: You’ll need to put the calendar in your cart and checkout – it’s still FREE – once you create an account it will save any free printables and you can come back and access them anytime. Upon checkout you’ll see the link for the free calendar AND it will also be emailed to you automatically!)

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Find Out More Homekeeping Society

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Clean Mama Home UPDATES + Don’t Miss the Black Friday Sale!

I’m so excited to share some exciting news in Clean Mama Home – I feel like there’s so much *new* to talk about about but I’ll keep it simple with a couple bullet points:

  • I have a NEW shipping center – hooray!
  • Canadian friends – I’m shipping to CANADA!  (More countries to follow, stay tuned!)
  • I have a handful of awesome new products to share with you – more products are coming in the next few months!

Here’s what’s NEW:

  • 3 new candles scents in a new size – CITRUS + CLOVE (my signature scent), VANILLA + COFFEE, and LEMON + LAVENDER (the original candles are on clearance, once they’re gone, they’re gone)




  • FLOOR CLEANING LABELS – Vinegar Hardwood Floor cleaner, Gentle Hardwood Floor cleaner, and Tile Floor cleaner, and Laminate Floor cleaner.


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The Clean Mama Planner!

It’s here – the Clean Mama Planner!  A simple, undated planner for keeping track of homekeeping and the everyday.


This is not your typical planner, I created this planner to keep track of all the to-dos and seemingly endless homekeeping tasks.  It’s small, simple, will fit in your purse, in your cleaning caddy, or on your kitchen counter.  I’m using the Clean Mama Planner for keeping track of everything from cleaning the bathrooms and changing filters to appointments and menu planning.

Here’s what the Clean Mama Planner includes:


  • 108 pages
  • smooth, bright white 70# paper
  • 100# card stock front and back covers with clear protective plastic cover and wire-o binding
  • made in the USA – hooray!
  • paper size is 5.75” x 8” – the full size with the binding is 6” x 8″

Clean Mama Planner - cover

In the Clean Mama Planner you’ll find:

• TITLE PAGE – 3 lines for you to personalize your planner

Clean Mama Planner - at a glance calendars
• 12 – 2 PAGE BLANK CALENDARS – the perfect 2 page monthly calendar complete with a darling to do list on the right side
Monthly Calendar - Clean Mama Planner

• 5 WEEKLY DOCKETS for each month (60 total) – Monday-Sunday with my 4 daily tasks penciled in for you each day. This page also includes a small thoughts section for a quote or verse and a tasks + to-dos check list as well


• NOTES PAGE – my favorite mini grid format

Week - Notes - Month - Clean Mama Planner
• CLEANING ROUTINE CALENDAR – my daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning routine
• ROTATING CLEANING CHECKLIST – my suggested rotating cleaning for the whole year at a glance – January-December

Cleaning Detail- Clean Mama Planner
• 3 GRIDDED CHECKLISTS – simple grid checklist format perfect for keeping track of tasks, dates, habits….make these sheets work for you!


Use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY for 15% off your entire order!  Please note that the planner is shipping the week of November 28th!

I also have a digital/printable version of the planner available if you’d prefer that or live where I don’t ship – go here to see it.


Simply Cozy : Gift Guide

simply-cozy-gift-guide-clean-mamaAs the weather begins to cool down and the holiday season creeps closer and closer on the calendar, I am always eager to create an environment of coziness in our home. A reminder to slow down, snuggle in and rest in the moment can be found in the simplest pleasures such as a blanket that just begs to be wrapped up in or a candle that smells reminiscent of fond memories.

I love a good gift guide as much as anyone and I enjoyed creating a cozy one filled with ideas for yourself, your home and the perfect gift for those you care for. Enjoy!

1 – Clean Mama Home Candles Nothing says cozy quite like a candle.  I have a brand new design, 3 new scents and a new size – they will officially launch later this week – but you can grab them now if you’re interested!

2- Pottery Barn Faux Fur Throw We have 3 of these fur throws – they are so cozy and are wonderful for snuggling up.

3 – Nordstrom at Home 400 Count Sheet Set White sheets are my favorite and these are so wonderfully soft and crisp.

4 – Pottery Barn Hamilton Plaid Pillow Cover I love all things plaid and this pillow cover is the perfect non-committal way to add a little plaid to your decor.

5 – Dearfoams Women’s Memory Foam Sweater Knit Indoor/Outdoor Bootie Slippers If you’re a slipper person or know one, these are just so warm and cozy.

6 – Pottery Barn To All a Goodnight Pillow Cover I love a holiday pillow and this one is just so festive, isn’t it?

7 – Gibson Cozy Fleece Ballet Neck Pullover Isn’t this pullover just the coziest?  I love the look!

8 – Butter Slipper Socks Put these on for bed or wear them all day long, they’re soft and buttery just like the name says.

9 – BP Heritage Plaid Infinity Scarf I love cute scarves – this one doesn’t disappoint!

10 – Gold Monogram Mug My favorite mug for gifting and myself.  It’s the perfect size!

11 – Harney & Sons Holiday Tea My favorite holiday tea – this makes a great gift – grab one for yourself!

12 – Barefoot Dreams Drape Front Cardigan I wear this cardigan on repeat all winter.  Warm and cozy and it looks great with jeans or leggings.

13 – BP Knit Beanie A little bit of luxury at the bus stop never hurt – this hat is comfy and warm.

14 – Kennebunk Home Bliss Plush Throw The color and feel of this throw is so soft.  It’s a great lap throw or perfect for layering in that cozy feeling into your decor.  I love this with a cream colored pillow.

15 – Sugar Lip Crush Set I love this set – I make sure that I always have it on hand and it makes a fun gift too. Perfect for winter!


This post is part of a series all about slowing down and savoring the season, SIMPLY COZY.  Go here to see all the posts.



Simply Cozy : Prioritizing To Do List


This holiday season let’s slow down, savor the season and remember what we did and why we did it when we reflect on this year, shall we?  I’m really excited about this Simply Cozy series because a.) I love the holiday season and b.) I hate coming to December 26th with regrets.  This season will be cozy, simple, and memorable.  And it might just stretch into January a little bit.  First things first, let’s make a list of all the musts, maybes, and nos.  This isn’t a list about saying no to all the fun things, it’s a list about saying yes to the best things and letting some things go for the sake of simplicity.  I created a little prioritizing checklist for you and me.  I thought about making it more holiday themed but for the sake of simple and cozy, I’m guessing you might want to use it at a different time of the year too.  Slowing down isn’t just for the holiday season, sometimes it’s for other seasons too.

Prioritizing To Do LIst

You’ll see that there are columns for MUSTS, MAYBES and NO – use it how it works for you.  For me, I have little musts in my head and there are some maybes too.  Only a handful of no’s but I’m intentional and realistic about my yes’s and no’s.  Here’s the list I started….


Go here to download your list and get started on prioritizing your Simply Cozy season.

If you like this free printable you’ll love the all-new Just One Page Kit.




Simply Cozy – Slow Down + Savor the Season


While everyone else is running around at the speed of light trying to get ‘everything’ done, let’s take a step back, relax, and find some ways to truly enjoy and savor the season.  If you feel like you get to December 26th and are relieved that it’s all ‘over’ or wonder where the last 2 months disappeared to, I know you’ll love these simple ways to slow down.  If you didn’t see my video introduction last weekend, go here to check it out.

What will SIMPLY COZY be about?  Simple ways we can relax, make things easier on ourselves, savor the slow down, and really appreciate the time with family and friends. The series is focused on the senses and ways to make work light and easy.  I think you’ll love it!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a free printable perfect for some goal setting and cozy reflection before everything starts to ramp up.  Sign up so you don’t miss a post!

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