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A Simple Homework Caddy

A Simple Homework Caddy via Clean MamaIf you’re looking to add a little organization in your school and homework days, put together a little homework caddy.  It’s a great way to get your kids ready for school and keep them organized all school year long.

While you’re picking up all the school supplies your kiddos need for the school year, pick up a couple extra boxes of pencils and markers and make a little homework caddy.  I’ve found that keeping homework supplies in a caddy makes  homework time a little easier to start and finish.  My kids come home from school, have a snack, and start in on the homework.  We try to get everything done right away while we’re already at the kitchen table and having a tote-able homework caddy helps us stay organized and efficient.  This year I tweaked the caddy and system and thought you might want to see what I put together.

Gather School Supplies to Make a Homework Caddy

Add Canning Jars to the Compartments to Keep Supplies Separated via Clean Mama

I started with two of my favorite organizing products – a cutlery caddy (from Target, in the seasonal outside entertaining section) and Ball canning jars.  I love having the jars in the caddy because a jar can be removed and brought somewhere else for a project and it just plain looks cute.

Load the Caddy Up with Supplies via Clean Mama

Then I just loaded it up with the supplies that my kids seem to use on a nightly basis for homework and crafting – markers, pencils, erasers, glue, Post-Its, and scissors.

How to Make a Simple Homework Caddy Step by Step via Clean Mama

Schedule Reset + Planner Bundle 2 via Clean Mama


  1. Deon Wilson says:

    I would love to purchase the tote you have for organizing school supplies for school. Where can I get one?

  2. Love this!

    I have a caddy similar to yours.
    What size jars did you use?

    Thanks for sharing this idea!!!!!!

  3. Are your jars from target too? Love this!

  4. Kimberly says:

    How long ago did you get the caddy? I tried to find it recently, but no luck.
    Would love to have one for my cleaning supplies!

  5. Love this. I have supplies in pencil boxes and some in clear glass jars and ball jars. This seems way more streamlined and simple. Thanks!!!!!

  6. I think these are not Simple Homework Caddy, they are really awesome Homework Caddy
    Very beautiful

  7. This is a fabulous idea! My son is only 15 months old but I already want to make a homework caddy! I am a Grade 2 teacher, if you have any ideas for back-to-school organizing for teachers please share!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Make a similar caddy for table or group to share supplies. Customize as needed. Ready to go in an instant!

  8. Hello! Did you get that caddy recently from target? I’ve been looking for a couple years and can’t find them 🙁

    • They were just there a few weeks ago 🙂

    • Christine says:

      There weren’t any at our Target tonight and the sales person helping me didn’t even know what I was talking about. The closest things I found were in the dollar spot and in the shower area, but they weren’t nearly as big. The shower one is really nice, but only fits three jars. 🙁

  9. Sherrie A. Halpain says:

    Is this the pint size mason jar?

  10. On the bottom right are what looks like crayons but they aren’t crayons are they? Are they pens?

  11. Oh, I LOVE this so much! We kept our supplies in buckets, but this idea is a more organized and condensed solution.

  12. Linda Mauws says:

    Thank you for posting it and absolute love the idea. But I can’t find this caddy at any of my Target’s in southeastern WA. I remember seeing it the beginning of the summer but can’t find it now. I have look Target online and wasn’t able to find it. I really want to do this. School starts on Tuesday. Any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

  13. This is a great idea!!! I’m just a kid, but I know I need this to stay organized, my sister too!! 🙂

    -The Youth Prespective

  14. Dollar Tree sells the caddy for a dollar. I’m not sure if it’s the same size as the ones in the pictures, but it could work and they have many different colors also! Dollar Tree may even have the ball jars also!

  15. A great homework caddy to organize homework supplies. I am going to share this on Pinterest.


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