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8 Glasses/Day – Free Printable Water Trackers

The benefits of drinking water are well-known, but who has time to remember to drink that water?  How about a little printable to remind you to drink those 8 glasses of water every day?  Great for the new year, right?  I have a couple different options for you – try one or all of them!  (They are two to a page so you can cut the page in half and have two weeks of water tracking goodness ready to go.)  Or, laminate the printable and use a dry or wet erase marker to mark off your water consumption for the week.  Then, wipe clean at the end of the week and you’re ready for the next week of water drinking.  Check off, color in, circle – whatever it takes to remind you to drink that water!

8 Glasses a Day FREE printable via Clean Mama

Choose your favorite version below (in googledocs – log in to google first!) or grab the zip file of all 4 from my shop (still free, but you need to unzip the file).

glasses – no border

bottles – no border

glasses – border

bottles – border

all 4 – zip file


FREE Printable Water Trackers via Clean Mama



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  1. Thank you!

  2. Oh, this is perfect, thank you <3

  3. Great idea

  4. Donna O. says:

    This is so helpful! Thank you.

  5. I have a real problem keeping track of what the kids drink. This is a great idea. Thank you!

  6. Ashley Weaver says:

    Great way to get me to drink water


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