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Clean + Organized 2013 – FREE April Cleaning Calendar

I’m taking a little break from the spring cleaning to do a little reset of the cleaning calendar….

You can go here to grab your FREE cleaning schedule for April!

Need a little more instruction on the schedule?  Here’s a little infographic that explains the schedule a little bit:

Check out the links below:

{I updated my Cleaning Routine page – you can check that out here}

Monday - Bathrooms

Tuesday – Dusting

Wednesday – Vacuum

Thursday – Wash Floors

Friday – Catch-All Day

Saturday – Sheets + Towels

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  1. Thanks for this! I’m ready to get April off to a great start.

  2. Thanks!

  3. Just letting you know this isn’t tagged “Clean & Organized 2013″ or “Cleaning schedules” or anything like that so it doesn’t show up with Clean & Organized 2013 and is difficult to find.

  4. Sounds familiar :) I do the tasks in the morning and get them out of the way for the day. My toddler is more content to play or follow me around in the morning anyway :)
    xo, becky


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