Cleaning Baseboards the Easy Way

I know baseboards are probably at the bottom of your cleaning list, or something that you never thought to clean, but being the Clean Mama that I am, I’d like to discuss them. I love clean baseboards. We have white trim in our house, so with two kids and a large dog the baseboards can look dingy in a hurry. I have been known to “clean” baseboards with white paint, but in the busy state that everything is in, that takes some setup.  I also like to use a bucket with hot soapy water and a rag or Magic Eraser.  All that being said, the best, quickest remedy for the dirty baseboard?   Basic H2 Organic Cleaning Wipes.  No paint cans, no buckets, no rags, no scouring pads to rinse off. And they’re biodegradable, so you just toss the dirty ones in your recycling bin.  Do yourself (and your baseboards) a favor. 
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  1. Me too! I love clean baseboards too! Thanks for this post:)


  2. My baseboards drive me CRAZY. It’s something nobody else notices, but good god, when they get all dusty and furry I can’t stand it. I also found that boiling water and vinegar on a microfiber rug cleans them like no other. I’m glad to know I’m not the only weird-O who cleans my baseboards, thanks!

  3. I have white baseboards and wood flooring in most rooms, so I run my broom over the baseboards before I dust-mop my floors. This keeps the baseboards dust-free and much easier to wipe down occasionally.

  4. I actually clean my baseboards with baby wipes! It cleans the dirt and dust right off and I don’t have to scrub at all……I love it!

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